Susankya Tech Pvt. Ltd. , Lalitpur

[ IT & Management ]

Kupondole, ( Opp to Hotel Himalaya ), Lalitpur , Nepal

Telephone No. : 01-50110558

Mobile No.: 9803264626




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Susankya Tech is a software company based in Nepal with highly experienced and like-minded experts focusing on real-world problems, implementing the best solutions to simplify day-to-day life. Though it started unofficially with only a team of 3 back in 2014, it was officially registered in mid 2016. Susankya Tech has been operating in Kathmandu, Nepal since then. With its current office at Kupondole, Lalitpur, it hosts quite a number of commercial products. Susankya Tech specializes in different growing fields of Nepal such as e-commerce, modern education and management systems


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