Advertisement on is one of the top visited online directory in Nepal. We include more than 28000 data in our database and it is increasing day by day. Our directory includes address of small roadside coffee shop to large industries and business groups.
Advertising on is best choice for growing your business through online marketting in Nepal. Advertisers have four options for advertisement:

1. Advertisement on Home page + Category page 
2. Advertisement of detail page

We provide advertisement duration for minimum of 6 months. Each page includes limited number of advertisement only. We have fixed quota for advertisement because we do not want to make our website like a messed up website with advertisements. We provide first come first service to our advertisers. We also provide information to our advertisers about which page is trending most and on which page your advertisement could bring more business from advertisement.

We provide image type of advertisement of size not more than 250 pixel in width and not more than 250 pixel in height. If you want 250*500 size, you have to buy two slots for advertisement. 

Cost of Advertisement:

1. On Home page + Category page

250*250 costs NRs. 7,000/ month

2. On Detail Page:

250*250 costs NRs. 12,000/month

For more information, please contact us at:9741-150 547 OR  984 009 44 77 or mail to: [email protected]