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Special Chawanprash Enriched Yarshagumba
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Special Chawanprash enriched yarshagumba

The Gorkha Ayurved Company, established in 1984 AD, is a collaborative effort between Nepalese entrepreneurs, the French NGO CIDR (Center of International Development and Research), and German entrepreneurs. The production unit is located in Gorkha, with the primary objective of harnessing Nepal's significant potential. Operating in the Gorkha District, the company is dedicated to enhancing the economic conditions of remote villages by actively involving local communities in the collection, cultivation, and processing of Ayurveda Health products. Registered as a Private Limited company under the Nepal Company Act, the Gorkha Ayurved Company operates with limited liabilities and is committed to sustainable development.

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Special Chawanprash enriched yarshagumba
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