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Promoting a new business for new businessman can be a challenging task. Although very much might have been invested but without a customer base, huge investment returns nothing. This type of problems are common for any type of business. The solution  to these problems has been brought  by, we have designed a clear work flow for the businesses to promote their business and create a loyal customer base for their business.

Processes of business promotion

1. Create Account in

2. Create  your business profile by filling up the forms

3. Add your products and services

4. Select areas where you want to target your customers


Create Account in

Any business holder can create account in There are three types of account a) Free b) Premium c) Lifetime. Any one can create a free account and begin the first step to promote their business. Premium  account can  be created after payment of a little  charge and similarly a Lifetime  account can  be created by paying a certain charge which can be  seen on this page. Payment can be made via e-sewa or  Paypal,  select  as  per your convenience. After you create account,  a verification link is sent to your email, please check in SPAM folder if you don't find in the INBOX, click the link to verify a confim user.

Create your business profile 

After you create account, now it is time to create your business profile. Fill up the form and try to provide all the  required information. Providing the required information, create a sense of assurance to the  customer about your business. The more information makes your customer to  know more about your company.

Add products and services

Products and services are those which you want to promote and sell to  your customers. So add them in the  "Products" section. Provide all the information related to your products and services. Add a unique and beautiful photo of  your product because this will create the first and last impmression of your product in the mind of customer. Add the cost, availability and deliver process of the products and services. You can also include "Return policy" for your product. Try to make a loyal customer of your product and service by satisfying the need of customer.

Promotion Areas

It is last of the  processes, select the areas where you want to promote your products and services.  If you want to target customer from  all available regions, select 'All regions', you can also select  gender wise and age-wise promotion.